• Studio Castagno
    Design and Consulting

    Systems, professionalism, technology and passion
  • Studio Castagno
    Design and Consulting

    Systems, professionalism, technology and passion
  • Studio Castagno
    Design and Consulting

    Systems, professionalism, technology and passion
    Studio Castagno - Impiantistica e energie alternative
  • Studio Castagno
    Design and Consulting

Studio Castagno

Studio Castagno was established in January 1996, with the aim of providing services related to technological installations.

Its main activities are consulting and the design of electrical and special systems, for standard and non-standard environments. Over the years, operations have evolved to include other types of system, cooperating with professionals in the sector to offer the end customer a fully integrated design service.


Our services

  • Advice on how to save energy and on energy tariffs
  • Management of connection procedures and relations with utility companies
  • Residential, industrial, commercial, service industry and agricultural design
  • Design of special systems and networks (structured wiring, video surveillance, etc.)
  • Lighting design (interior and exterior, public and sports facility lighting)
  • Lightning risk assessment and defence system design
  • Works management and accounts
  • Grounding system procedures
  • Classification of places at risk of explosion (ATEX directive)
  • Declarations of Compliance
  • Monitoring of systems, electrical inspections and measurements
  • Tests and technical surveys
  • Design and tests for temporary events
  • Participation in Supervisory Commissions

Impianti elettrici - Studio Castagno

Energie alternative - Studio Castagno

Our services:

  • Advice on alternative energy sources
  • Design and testing of photovoltaic systems
  • Design of microgeneration systems
  • Design of wind farms
  • Planning permission procedures and environmental authorisations
  • Application to utility company for connection to the grid
  • GSE (energy service management) procedures

At the customer’s request, Studio Castagno can supply the complete design of the systems required, thanks to a network of partnerships built up over the years. This network comprises all the professional figures involved in integrated planning and design.

  • Fire prevention advice
  • Preparation of fire prevention documentation
  • Design of mechanical systems and integration with electrical systems
  • Design of home and commercial building automation systems
  • Design and programming of KNX systems
  • Scenographic and architectural lighting desing
  • Interior design services with 3D rendering

Progettazione integrata - Studio Castagno

  • Areas of intervention










Temporary events



Studio Castagno offers design and consulting services both in Italy and in European and non-European countries.




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Studio Castagno

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